Five MLB Teams that Should Have Been in the Minor Leagues

When a amateur does not accomplish to a akin that the aggregation he plays for demands he about is beatific aback to the accessory leagues for added training, rehabilitation, etc., or is appear outright. Too bad we can’t do that with some above alliance baseball franchises. I apperceive there are some leagues that convenance this access to competitiveness in Europe but I don’t see it alive with the MLB. Regardless, actuality are my top 5 teams that are, or in a lot of cases were, so bad for so continued that they adapted demotion. These are impressionistic comments, of course, and I acceptable others advancing up with their own lists.

St. Louis Browns (1902-1953): This aggregation had been afflicted throughout a lot of of its history. It was aggressive for a abbreviate time in the 1920s but alone in 1944 did it win its one and alone American Alliance pennant. Indeed, abounding of the Browns’ admirers advised it a brand of honor—even a account of machismo—to basis for this hapless team. They took pride in the about apt descriptor, “First in shoes, aboriginal in booze, and endure in the American League.” After their pennant-winning division the Browns slid in the standings every year until they absent over 100 amateur in 1949. By this time the Browns were affecting and seemed on the alley either to impossible ruin or to addition city. One alternation with the Red Sox in 1950, accepted as the “Boston Massacre,” acicular up the atrocious straits of the team. In the aboriginal bold of the alternation on June 7, the Browns absent to the Red Sox 20-4. The next day was even worse with the Browns accident to the Red Sox, 29-4. How could the aggregation get any worse? It did in 1951, accident 102 amateur and finishing 46 amateur abaft the pennant-winning Yankees. The alone ablaze atom a part of the Browns was the casting of Ned Garver, who went 20-12 for a aggregation that won alone fifty-two games. During the next bounce if Garver capital a bacon hike, buyer Bill Veeck apprenticed Garver to assurance and quipped, “We could accept accomplished endure after you!” Few absent the Browns if the aggregation confused to Baltimore in 1954
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